Thoughts on the 40th Anniversary of the 3d November 1979 Greensboro Massacre

Thoughts on the 40th Anniversary of the 3d November 1979 Greensboro Massacre

Today is the 40th Anniversary of the 3 Nov. 1979 Greensboro Massacre wherein five Marxists holding a “Death to the Klan” Rally got into a gunfight with Klansmen and Neo-Nazis who didn’t obey their leaders and took rifles to the pistol-packing Marxists — and killed five and wounded a dozen more.

TraitorGlenn Miller was there and already acting as a ZOG informant. Here is TGM’s admission of running out from the fight when possible. TraitorGlenn Miller had gotten caught handing out Klan fliers to Army personnel in 1976 or 1977 and agreed to act as a snitch in order to get his 20 years in as opposed to being kicked out without his Army half-pay pension for 20 years service. It has been illegal to be in the Armed Forces and a Klansman since the Grant Administration in 1870. TraitorGlenn Miller would catch young white privates and get them kicked out on a Bad Conduct Discharge or worse. When TraitorGlenn Miller retired in 1979, three weeks later was playing Klansman as an informant.

In August 2000, after TraitorGlenn Miller ran out of my office I agreed with Louis Beam and David and Katja Lane to pretend to be TGM’s Internet friend and would tell the story about TGM’s snitchery until March 2004 when I was running for governor of Missouri and TGM refused to run for US Senator because his Witness Protection Program case officer refused to let him. So we fell apart and Rabbi Linder got a new paymaster in April 2004.

So your commentary about TraitorGlenn Miller in gunning down three mongrels in the parking lot of the Old jew’s Home and TraitorGlenn Miller being “Old Right” is absolutely wrong. TGM was “Old ZOGbot”. In fact the only reason TGM is still alive and nearly 80 years old is because TGM can’t drink or smoke while in jail. TraitorGlenn Miller was nearly dead from lung and liver failure running around free range. Death-row in Kansas has extended that drunken Lumbee Melungeon’s life.

So what this move down memory lane? The Old Old Right before the Internet was about action — violent action sometimes when those non-whites were kept in check by the Klan operating through Southern county sheriff’s departments and there was no talk about “White Nationalism.”

So now we have the Internet and those who have come in during the 2000’s like Alex Linder rehabilitated by Dr. Pierce (who got $400,000 in Order loot) and Brad Griffin (via web forums in 2004) and you as well and all of you speak out against the violence which was part of the White Supremacist movement in favor of speaking about “White Genocide / Replacement / Dispossession” by the jews and the muds.

Now you all paint a pretty dire picture of what happens when the Mighty Evil Empire of ZOG/Babylon is headed to the ass-heap of History. Us old timers at least had the satisfaction of fantasies of “Day of the Rope” and an occassional spasm of targeted violence to make us grin, but you in your message of doom and gloom without any real political solution in sight when listened to young white men with nothing to lose and who have nothing to live for. So they take your message, write a manifesto (sometimes) and go postal and when they survive their spree are criticised for listening to your message but not following your “solution”, if any.

Pretty much all of the [bowel] Movement and Alt-Right is nothing but jews, mongrels, perverts, and ZOGbots. I except yourself and Harold Covington who was trying to collect warlords in the Northwest. I think you really mean what you write and are against random violence just as I reflexively support random violence because it teaches full well ZOGlings and race-traitors and jews and muds that ZOG cannot protect them all the time. If we lose young White Men willing to fight and die for our People then we are truly lost.

I can’t have this conversation since Dylan Roof in 2015 because Bi-polar Bradifer has gone all Cunthair Walrus and is good friends with William “Baal” Finck, the Jersey-City spic killer and now the jewish “Greek Scholar” high in the League of the South. Brad Griffin and the League of the South is the equivalent of Jeff the Poop-Schoep and the National Socialist Movement for Southern Fried Fuktards.

I’ll admit that this Stephan Balliet was as incompetent a wannabe mass shooter as Brendan Tarrant and Anders Brevik seems to be competent. Ever since the days of Timothy McVeigh I’ve been suspicious of what could be ZOG false flag operations. I thought Tim McVeigh might have been a double agent. Indeed I wrote an article in my militia era Internet newsletter called “The Manchurian Oswald’s Right Buttock” in which the Mossad and CIA planted a Mark 666 microchip in McVeigh’s left buttock and the Phineas Priesthood and Deep-Woods DSCI planted a Zyklon B microchip in McVeigh’s right buttock and these chips fought it out in Timothy McVeigh’s ass for Timothy McVeigh’s soul during his shoah-trial. You never know.

But the end result will be the same. Over 90% of the third of a billion ZOGlings will die cum the inevitable collapse and the end of the Empire shall find a Neo-Feudalism ruled over by Ten-Thousand Warlords. Whether the bowel Movement goes the way of “reform” through a “slow cleanse” or rather tears itself apart because upon Alt-Right Collapse after Charlottesville 2017 was far more disruptive than Greensboro 1979 is irrelevant. When the Empire collapses all this Internet stuff shall be irrelevant.

I absolutely support our violent (and oft idiotic) Prisoners of War if they survive their usually futile and pathetic exercises in violent reaction. Perhaps it is because I’ve been in their shoes myself and the world is full of evildoers who desperately need killing right now and life no longer seems worth living. I’m not going to criticise their decisions to act for themselves in doing what needs to be done — removing the jews, racial aliens and traitorous whiggers from our world as is necessary and good. They have a blank check of my absolute moral support. I’d make them officers in the general militia of the Army of Christian Israel.

If I’m too chickenshit to do what needs to be done I’m not going to criticise those who go out to do it themselves.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri